Training Workshop for HIV Positive

During this Training Workshop, lectures by AIDS specialist doctors, dieticians, psychologists and advocates are presented at regular intervals in addition to Group Discussion. All the resource persons provide vital information to the participants. More than 100 PLHA participated in this program initially and now this number has increased. At the end of every two days training workshop, they take an oath to spread awareness about HIV / AIDS to at least 5 people every day and thus to contribute to the prevention of HIV / AIDS. At times a camera team with a senior reporter has interviewed the PLHA participants and this is telecasted on National Television.

Advocacy Training workshop for House masters of Remand Homes & Asylums and government officials.

Still, the prevailing scenario surrounding HIV / AIDS is such that many people in our society hesitate in accepting HIV positive people as normal human beings .Despite our sincere efforts, we still come across cases in which the family members and in-laws of HIVpositive women harass and drive them out of their homes. As a result, they go to Remand Homes and Asylums for shelter. It is necessary that these PLHA do not face any discrimination. It is also necessary to provide them family counseling. Considering above factors, we frequently organize Training Workshops for the house masters of remand homes and asylums including government officials. All the participants are given basic understanding about HIV and AIDS in great details by the AIDS expert Resource Persons. We also invite eminent lawyers of Family Courts, AIDS specialist doctors and experienced counselors to attend the seminar and spread the message not to discriminate them. The officers involved in public life are also explained to show positive attitude towards the Positive people and they willingly take oath to provide better help and cooperation and to provide all necessary help to these brow beaten people whenever needed.

We have done advocacy training workshops with contractors, community leaders, Factory owoners and their associations for creating enabling environment for prevention of HIV / AIDS.

We have also provided condoms throuth condoms outlet and imparted condom promotion trainings in order to avhieve social marketing of condoms.