About Us

Parishram Parimal Public Charitable Trust is a non government organization formed by committed and experienced social workers with assistance from legal luminaries and expert medical professionals, devoted to helping downtrodden people uplift their lives and helping to create a healthier society that contributes towards the development of the country while also improving the social fabric of society by reducing class gaps in a rational manner.

Parishram Parimal Trust was founded in 1995 with the aim of providing development oriented services to the deprived women and orphan children residing in the slum areas. We are committed to enabling the delivery of care and support services to HIV positive people. For more than 8 years, we have enhanced the AIDS prevention work in the suburban areas of Ahmedabad ( Gujarat State).

Parishram Parimal has been diligently working for children's and women's development for more than a decade. There are a large number of people in urban and rural India deprived of basic services of life. It is our duty to provide them essential services. The future of India depends on its younger citizens who are sculptors of tomorrow's developed India; therefore, "upliftment of deprived people, orphan children and patients of mortal diseases" has been the mission of Parishram Parimal since its inception. Parishram Parimal is dedicated to giving care, support and psychological counseling to people with social, economic, physical and mental problems and assisting them in resolving their problems through empathetic counseling and guidance.

Just a few years ago, many HIV positive people lost hope and often considered committing suicide. To provide a 'ray of hope' for these demoralized people, Ushma Drop-In Counseling Centre was founded and began offering counseling. It provides indispensable services to HIV positive people. It has allowed them to live worthwhile and respectful lives. Many HIVpositive people and their family members have benefited from these services and have almost attained 'REBIRTH' in its true sense. The organization has nearly become their second home.

We offer multifaceted care and support activities for HIV positive people including individual and family counseling, gender sensitization, advocacy training workshops, and more. We are closely associated with these people and offer numerous activities including awareness and capacity building workshops. We distribute grain and protein powder for HIV positive people and their family members every month. Regular clinics are held for Opportunistic Infection treatment with advanced medical services of AIDS specialists. Self Help Groups of HIV positive widows are formed, and self-employment oriented activities like tailoring and screen printing are undertaken for their economic upliftment. We have covered migrant high risk behavior groups in the suburban areas of Ahmedabad and have achieved excellent outcomes with tireless and disciplined efforts.